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Homeschool Student Planner

Simple system. Awesome Results.

The Intrepid Scholar Student Planner

Students gain mastery of themselves as they learn to plan, schedule, and execute their goals for the school year.

It includes a simple planning system that helps train students to plan their goals for the year, focus on their weekly goals, and schedule them out for each week.

With the ability to completely customize the planner to their own personal goals, students gain the satisfaction of accomplishment and orderliness.

What's inside the

Intrepid Scholar Planner

Students claim their goal of being an Intrepid Scholar

Intrepid: Adj. resolutely fearless; dauntless

Synonyms: brave, courageous, bold

Be inspired by great quotes

Ex: "You will never change your life until you change something you do daily. The secret of your success is found in your daily routine." - John C. Maxwell.

Year calendar at your fingertips

Comes with this year's calendar as well as one for next year, so you can print and use this planner two years in a row.

Write their overall goals for the year

Look at the big picture - what do you want to accomplish this school year?

Ex: Complete Saxon 8/7,  study ancient history

Write specific subjects and the goals for that week

Now students break down their goals for the year into weekly tasks.

Schedule out your goals for each day of the coming week

Then they plug those tasks into each day of the coming week.

Simple system. Awesome Results.

The Intrepid Scholar Planner $7

This planner is a PDF and a downloadable file.


Hi there, I'm Myra.

Myra Johnson, owner of A Heart Full of Joy and Ignite!

I'm a happy mom of 5 awesome kids, and I've been homeschooling since my oldest was three. I love it!

I created this planner for my kids when I just couldn't find what I really wanted at the store. I had a certain customizable plan in mind so I made it myself. Students in our homeschool co-op also used this planner and they were excited about their results and their progress.

I'm certain that the kids in your life who use this planner will thrive with it, too.

What Others Say


This is the best planner I've used since I can totally make it my own. It's useful for everyone because with our personal goals being so different, we can thrive off of our own plan. I loved the clear direction it helped me to have, and I love accomplishing my goals with it.

Ryan J. homeschool student


My daughter is thriving with your planner. I love that you created something that is so useful for my kids! Thank you for being an innovative mentor.

Anna G. Homeschool parent


At first I kept forgetting to check my planner and it didn't seem like there was a use for it. Then when I started actually checking it and looking at it every day I realized that there is a use for it. Whenever I crossed something off the list of stuff to do it always felt so good. Whenever I got the whole list done I felt like I actually got stuff done during the day. I know that knowing how to use a planner will help me when I am older to set goals and manage my time.

Celina L.  homeschool student

Help your student thrive with the

Intrepid Scholar Planner $7

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